Thanksgiving meal ideas!

If you are not sure how to make a gluten free, soy free, vegan meal for Thanksgiving, I can help!This year we are going a bit simple as it will just be three of us. Here is our tentative menu:

Stuffed squash (maybe like last year’s, maybe not, we haven’t decided!)
Lemony Roasted Potatoes (from Veganomicon)
Roasted Brussels sprouts and chestnuts with some sort of sweet glaze (maybe maple?)
Pumpkin cookies (made with gf flour, of course!)

Last year Agnes and I had a huge feast with friends.

pumpkin pie and coffee

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

Autumn love from Agatha Bakewell xxxx

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Soup time!

cauliflower soup

I don’t know about you, but with winter so close, I am constantly craving soup! Ever since Agnes’ last post about comfort food, I have wanted to revisit some delicious soups. Here are some of our favourite soups from the past few years:

Lazy Cauliflower soup – for those nights you can just not be bothered with much faffing about in the kitchen.

Carrot and Coriander soup – a soup to enjoy after a Sunday afternoon walk.  Imagine a hike in the countryside that ends with coming home to have this soup in your PJs.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale soup – an almost medicinal concoction that is a particularly good autumn soup!  Make extra and put in the freezer for later.

Pea and mint soup – the perfect simple soup. Get yourself a bag of frozen peas, some herbs, and you’re ready to go.

What are your favourite soups this time of year?

Love, Agatha Bakewell xx

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Comfort food and cosy evenings

This weekend in the UK the clocks have gone back, meaning shorter days and darker evenings. This is probably my least favourite thing about autumn – along with the onset of winter colds! At this time of year it’s really important to take care of yourself so you don’t end up snotty and miserable. Eat lots of delicious food, wrap up warm and stay active – don’t let the winter put you off all that endorphin releasing exercise!

One of my favourite comfort foods is the fishfinger sandwich – toasted wholegrain bread, crispy lettuce and a good dollop of mayonnaise. Roasted veggies, hearty soups and stews, and of course hot chocolate and crumpets with marmite are all perfect autumn foods, and over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you my favourite food for keeping your health and spirits in fine form on these cold dark evenings. First up is this delicious roasted squash and beetroot medley – enjoy!


1 butternut squash, chopped into small chunks
1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped
8 cloves of garlic (more/less depending on your preferences!)
1 tin chickpeas, drained
a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes, halved
a small bunch of beetroot, peeled and chopped into small chunks
small red chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped
juice of half a lemon
olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh basil

1. Easy-peasy – preheat the oven to 180°C, whack everything in a big roasting tray (except the basil, lemon and chickpeas), rub in the olive oil and seasoning and put in the oven for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the chickpeas and allow to heat through for ten minutes. Take it out the oven and sprinkle with lemon juice and basil leaves. Give it a big stir and tuck in!

Lots of love, Agnes Pavlova xxx

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Review: A revelation called coconut creamer

I have been in the States for just over 2 months and I have found something magical, something that has changed my life…. coconut creamer.

So delicious dairy free french vanilla coconut creamer


I am sure you dairy free and vegan people in the US have known about this for ages, but I have only just discovered it.  Since arriving and purchasing this delicious concoction, I have had it in 1-2 cups of coffee a day.  It makes me miss the UK just a bit less (although I still miss the UK loads, Christmas in London, here I come!  I just have to figure out how to possibly bring some creamer with me!)

I’m off to have some more coffee with creamer.

Love, Agatha Bakewell xx


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Delicious recipes to usher in autumn

Here at Food and Feminism, we love autumn.  Leaves changing colour, crisp on the ground. A slight chill in the air which means finally pulling out the sweaters.

autumn leaves

Here are some of our autumn recipes from the past few years to get you in the mood!

Use up the rest of those summer tomatoes:
Roasted Tomato Soup
Green Tomato Chutney

Get out and pick some apples:
Apple Pie

Other fruity delights:
Blackberry and Vanilla Cakes
Banana Pancakes
Jelly Donut Cupcakes (Vegan)

And don’t forget the to start that Sloe Gin

Autumnal love from Agatha Bakewell xx

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We’re back!

Hello dear readers.  We have not forgotten about you… promise!  Its just that Agnes and Agatha have been undergoing some life ups and downs.  We are now an international blog.

Agatha has moved to the Midwestern USA for a PhD, where she will be back and forth to London for the next 5 years. Agnes is dividing her time between London and the countryside – foraging, baking and trying to save the world from climate change. Busy times here at Food and Feminism – but we are still all about food, coffee shops and social justice and we have missed blogging during these busy months!

So we’re back! With an even broader scope of chat about food and feminism and a whole other country’s worth of coffee shops to review :) Exciting times ahead… :)

With love, Agatha Bakewell and Agnes Pavlova xxx

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It is the season of sport and like many people I was very happy to see the charming Bradley Wiggins (with his excellent sideburns) make history by becoming the first British person to ever win any kind of sporting competition. And as the Olympics has allegedly inspired the great British public to get off their arses, do some exercise and stop consuming so much McDonalds and Coke (Oh, wait, actually..) the grand tour has got me even more excited about the joys of cycling.

Bicycles are wonderful machines and cycling is a wonderful thing to do. Bikes don’t require fuel or produce emissions, they can often get you around quicker, you don’t have to pay to park, cycling makes you fitter and healthier, gives you good strong thighs and can invoke a wonderful feeling of freedom.

But I do have one bicycle-related area of discontent… where are all the women in the Tour de France?!

According to the fount of all knowledge (aka Wikipedia) the ‘Tour Cycliste Féminin’ or simply ‘Tour Féminin’ started in 1984, as a women’s version of the Tour. However they struggled to get sponsorship for the event and it faced many organisational difficulties, sometimes leading to cancellation, before the whole thing was discontinued in 2009. The Tour de l’Aude Cycliste Feminin (a different race) ran until 2010 but the 2011 race was cancelled. Now there is no Tour de France equivalent for women.

This is such a shame, for many reasons. There is hardly any women’s sport shown on TV – I’m not a football/F1/rugby fan but could name male players in all these sports. I can’t think of a single female sports person who isn’t young, pretty and likely to be winning an olympic medal. Yes we have been flooded with images of female olympic hopefuls – sadly they are advertising razors and moisturisers, talking about shoes and handbags, and doing ‘sexy’ poses. Is it seen as ‘feminine’ to have strong muscles? To be able to throw heavy weights or run long distances? I remember watching a documentary about body image where the presenter said she didn’t like to do a lot of exercise because she hates being able to see defined muscles in her arms and legs. This is ridiculous. I’m not suggesting every woman should become a body builder but why is it unattractive for women to have physical strength? I recently completed a sprint triathlon – I didn’t do hardcore training and I didn’t complete it in a particularly fast time but I still swim and run and cycle and I love that I am able to do these things. I’ve got strong feet, strong legs and strong arms – I’d rather be this way than a delicate little waif who floats around and needs a ‘big strong man’ to open a jar of jam for her.

So I for one say bring back the ladies Tour de France! Or even better let’s mix it up and introduce some female teams into the tour :) Being strong and fit and healthy is something that can make everyone happier – I recommend long cycle rides in the French countryside, swimming in cold murky lakes and hot, hazy evening walks along country lanes. It’s time for women’s sport to break the stereotypes and become something for everyone.

On yer bikes ladies!

Agnes Pavlova xxx

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Summer quiche

Looking back at my last post I cannot believe time has flown so quickly… what has happened to July?! I think the answer may partly be that due to the exceptional amount of rainfall it has yet to seem much like a summer month and perhaps my brain has been tricked into thinking that it’s actually April. It could also be because I have had a busy month working on the raspberry farm, baking and cycling around the French countryside eating my body weight in croissants. Yum:)

Unfortunately the quiche all got eaten before I could take a photo… so here’s a picture of my rather overenthusiastic salad hanging basket instead.

Yesterday I harvested the first of the courgettes which have appreciated the rain and grown fast and fat. They are perfect to use in this summer quiche, alongside whatever other vegetables you have in your garden/fridge. I used leeks, mushrooms and tomatoes but as long as you pre-cook the veg first I’d say anything goes – try and keep it as local and seasonal as possible.

This recipe is adapted from a version made by Janet in the Great British Bake Off – you can find the original here.


For the pastry:
225g plain flour
140g butter
a big lump of strong cheese

For the filling:
2 courgettes
1 large leek
a handful of mushrooms
4 tomatoes
4 free-range eggs
300ml milk (or milk/cream combo if you like)

1. Cut the butter into small lumps and put in a bowl. Sift in the flour and rub it together using your fingertips until it has the texture of breadcrumbs. Try to do this as quickly and lightly as possible so the butter doesn’t melt too much. Grate in the cheese, using as much or as little as you like.
2. Add a splash of cold water and bring the pastry together into a ball. Use as little water as possible – it’s very easy to make it too soggy! Then wrap it in clingfilm and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
3. Remove from the fridge and roll out on a floured surface. When big enough, use the rolling pin to lift the pastry onto a 25cm diameter dish and (gently!) press it into the sides. Don’t worry about any bits hanging over the edge, leave them as they are for the moment!
4. Refrigerate again for 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 190°C. Remove the dish from the fridge and place it on a baking tray. Lightly prick the base with a fork. Then carefully put a large piece of foil over the pastry and fill with baking beans (or old kidney beans in my case!) Bake for 15 minutes.
5. Meanwhile chop and lightly cook the leeks, courgettes and mushrooms in a little olive oil. Slice the tomato.
6. Remove the foil and beans from the pastry and return it to the oven for a few minutes to dry out any sogginess. Then remove from the oven and fill with the vegetables, laying the tomato slices over the top last.
7. Mix together the milk and eggs and season with salt and pepper. Pour this over the vegetables, making sure everything gets a coating of the mixture (even if it’s not completely covered.) Trim off any excess pastry hanging over the edges and nibble on it whilst you wait for the quiche to cook.
8. Lower the temperature to 180°C and return the quiche to the oven. Cook for 30-40 minutes until the filling is set. Allow to cool a little before serving, or eat cold. Bon appetit!

Love from Agnes Pavlova xxx

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Raspberry Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a summer tea party (the sun even shone!) and they went down very well, even with those who were not massively keen on cupcakes. The raspberries add a nice tartness to the frosting but also make it quite runny so keep them in the fridge until ready to serve!

Follow the recipe for Vanilla cupcakes and simply add a few handfuls of raspberries to the buttercream and mash them in. Tasty :)

Lots of love, Agnes Pavlova xxx

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RIP Nora Ephron

I would like to pay my respects to a screenwriter, Nora Ephron, who’s work has been among my favourite.  She gave us such classics as When Harry Met Sally…, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and Julie & Julia.  She wrote strong women characters.  She was a pioneer, working to fight sexism in the film industry.

Thank you for all you’ve left us, Nora.  Rest in peace.

Lots of love, Agatha Bakewell xx

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