Easy peasy ice lollies!

Finally, after weeks of sunshine and mild weather, the Great British Summer has arrived!  Personally I don’t mind a bit of cold weather and rain… having lived all my life in the UK I have learned to expect it and embrace the joys of the indoor picnic:) So just because it’s raining outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer cooking. In my flat it is pretty humid (although this could be because of my non-stop scone baking!) and these incredibly simple ice lollies are the perfect way to cool down.

All you need is an ice lolly mould and some fruit juice – but if you don’t have an ice lolly mould you can use a suitably shaped glass, jar or plastic container, put something in to use as a stick, and tie string across the top to keep the stick in the centre. This works in theory anyway.

So once you have your mould simply pour in the fruit juice and put in the freezer. For the lollies pictured I’ve used orange juice. Of course there are many ways to jazz up these lollies… add lemonade to the fruit juice for a fizzy taste, pop some fresh berries (raspberries are lovely) into the bottom of the moulds or you can even use layers of different fruit juice for a stripy effect (make sure each layer is completely frozen before adding the next one!)


Lots of love, Agnes Pavlova xxx

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