About the blog

Why Food and Feminism?

Well, because we want to have a space to discuss the beautiful, organic relationship between delicious food and feminist principles!  Food is good for the soul and feminism is also good for the soul.

Why is talking about food and feminism important?

In this world where the media constantly attacks our bodies and minds, there needs to be more said about body image and the relation to food. We need food, it is a condition of living.  We live in a culture that gives overwhelming messages about how our bodies should be (based on a white ideal, thin, hiding any flaws, etc), we can’t delight in food as a result.  This weirdness around eating translates into interpersonal judgment.  We don’t need any more of that! We need to be nicer to each other, our communities, and to our bodies.

Do you guys identify as feminists?


What will I find here?

On this blog you can expect to find recipes, feminist anecdotes/stories/narratives, and also reviews.   In addition to all this awesomeness, we will also occasionally talk about knitting (which, strangely enough, is also good for the soul).  We have a few recurring features that you will see as well.

Why is there a mixture of vegan and gluten/soy free recipes along with some that aren’t?

Well, there is a simple answer to that!  Agatha is a vegan whose partner is allergic to gluten and soy, so her recipes reflect that.  While Agnes’ recipes are based on making different dietary choices (some of which will definitely fall into the vegan/gluten free/soy free category!).

What about the environment?

We are both utterly dedicated to eating responsibly and the environment, even with our differing diets!  This all comes together to create the beautiful harmony of friendship and amazing food.  We talk about this in our entries as well.

What if I’m not interested in feminism?

Please do give our blog a try!  We are all about fighting oppression and working for social justice – there is some common ground to be found!  And we’re always open to questions!

Can I use a recipe of yours on my blog?

We support spreading around the blog love – just please make sure you credit and link back to us!