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Food and feminism!

Welcome to our site!  At Food And Feminism, we want to have a space to discuss the beautiful, organic relationship between delicious food and feminist principles.  Food is good for the soul, and feminism is good for the soul.  On this blog you can expect to find recipes, feminist anecdotes/stories/narratives, and also reviews.   In addition to all this awesomeness, we will also occasionally talk about knitting (which, strangely enough, is also good for the soul).

In this world where the media constantly attacks our bodies and minds, there needs to be more said about body image and the relation to food. We need food, it is a condition of living.  We live in a culture that gives overwhelming messages about how our bodies should be (a white ideal, thin, hiding any flaws, etc), we can’t delight in food as a result.  This weirdness around eating translates into interpersonal judgment.  What good is judging each other in a world that is already attacking us?  We need to be nicer to each other, our communities, and to our bodies.  And part of that happens through delicious food.  Another part of that is through equality and social justice – consideration and celebration of other people’s differences.


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